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Vitamin D and immune cells

Vitamin D and immune cells stimulate bone marrow disease
Stimulation of bone marrow disease through excessive signs of vitamin D and immune cells known as macrophages, and reveals a Japanese research team. These results can help in the development of alternative therapies are not addressed problem genes. researcher team Kanako and Akahashi Associate Professor and aimed at young people, Yoshio Katayama (School of Medicine, University of Kobe), and the results were published on February 4 in the edition of the blood through the Internet.

There are three types of blood cells: white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. All of them are created three types of hematopoietic found in stem cells of bone marrow. Causing abnormal fibroon increase in cells that produce collagen fibers called fibroblasts. The bone marrow is filled with these fibers, which vexgen keto prevents the body from naturally producing blood cells. This situation can make it difficult to control other diseases, and hardening of the bone (osteosclerosis) also occurs. Alveloveloz disease occurs in blood tumors called promyelocytic tumors, which are caused by genetic mutations of hematopoietic stem cells.

The research team focused on the relationship between blood and bones. Vitamin D is a hormone that regulates calcium, the team has already shown that the vitamin D receptor controls blood-forming cells at the site of the bone marrow. In this study, the team conducts a process of bone marrow transplantation (with vitamin D receptor) mouse model without vitamin D receptor (which means that it contains a high concentration of vitamin D in the body) to find a model for the loss of Almayoveroveros. By analyzing this model, they found that hematopoietic stem cells stimulated strongly through vitamin D signals and grown to an immune system called macrophage cells. This stimulated pathological osteoblast macrophages (cells that create bone) to stimulate bone narrowing and hardening of bones. It is believed that fibroblasts are known as bone osteoblasts. By giving these mice a diet low in vitamin D and suppressing macrophages, the team was able to prevent the appearance of Almiloveros.

Wheat belly – abdominal fat

Wheat belly – abdominal fat through gluten gluten
Everyone knows the term “beer belly”, specifically wheat belly, but it can be much less conscious. Whether it’s the belly beer or the wheat belly, all that is said is fat in the abdomen (visceral fat), which accumulates around the organs of the abdominal cavity (for example, liver, kidney).

Unlike subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous fat), abdominal fat produces similar endocrine hormones, transmits pathogenic signals that cause Keto Viante inflammation in adipose tissue and improves insulin resistance and manipulation of satiety. The signs of inflammation sent by fat in the stomach are the beginning of a vicious circle, due to their pregnancy to produce more body fat to link the potential pathogens in the fat cells and prevent them from entering the system.

Modern wheat, which is eventually used for many beers, contributes to this dangerous abdominal fat, because its glycemic index exceeds the chocolate bar. In this regard, Davies points to amylobactin, which causes high levels of blood sugar, as the main component of wheat starch.

Spinach is a natural appetite.

Spinach is a natural appetite.
Prosperity inhibitors are likely to thrive. Of course, they are not always very natural.

However, would you think that vegetables like natural spinach can serve as appetizers, as well as being a perfectly natural appetite?

Test it! Eat a daily natural snack called spinach, preferably before breakfast in the form of green juices.

Spinach limits the appetite in overweight
Researchers at the University of Lund sought a natural appetite to help facilitate the elimination and also to prevent cravings.

They divided 38 obese women, from 40 to 65 years of Prache cream age, into two groups. One group was given twelve weeks each morning before breakfast, a strawberry syrup with 5 grams of spinach extract, and other women received placebo.

During the study, women were expected to move more, as well as a standardized diet with three traditional meals a day. The appetizers were taboo.

The breakfast yoghurt was vanilla (150 g), fruit grain (45 g), a slice of white bread (40 g) with butter (1 teaspoon), cheese (20 g) Some milk and 200 ml of juice orange.

The breakfast was very high in carbohydrates and consisted of 60% carbohydrates, 28% fat and 12% protein.

In 15 minutes, the participants had to have breakfast.

For lunch, there was a pizza, and in the evening, participants could study salmon with potatoes.

Every three weeks, Professor Charlotte Erlinson-Albertsson and her colleagues examined the blood values ​​of the study participants. On the first and the 90th day, I also asked for their hunger to eat compulsively and the degree of saturation.

A cup of coffee consumes a

A cup of coffee consumes a quantity of water as a human in a full day
The website indicates that 140 liters of coffee already exceed the average daily consumption of drinking water by 125 liters per person. Coffee in our climate is at least as unnecessary as avocados, if not more, because it is not food, but rather alarming and comes from the tropics, so the transport path is slow, so, from the point In view of the critics of the avocado, everything is not justified by the environment (see next section)).

If everyone ate 40 kilograms of avocados a year instead of 40 kilograms of pork, that would theoretically equal to save up to 150,000 liters per person per year.

But nutritionally, it is illogical to compare the water consumption per kilogram. Because after two avocados (400 grams) you almost feel full. After two large tomatoes or lettuce instead of no. Maybe I should compare the water consumption per kilocalorie. But things look very different. So tomatoes need 50 percent more water than avocados.

Long transport routes: there is nothing special in the food trade.
Later, the avocado is accused of a long transport Overnight Lean Keto route, which must be covered until it is finally on the shelf of the store. First with the truck to the coast, then with an air-conditioned boat consuming energy to a European port and from there to wholesalers and retailers. Because they do not tolerate shocks, avocados need a lot of packaging material, which further reduces their environmental balance.

All these points apply to all foods that are transported from the tropics to Europe. In bananas, the voltage appears in each case much higher, but nobody cares, because you probably used too many bananas.

A recent look at the supermarket, whether organic or traditional, (in September 2018) shows that avocados are generally not packed in small cardboard boxes. The boxes are not as padded with plastic inserts. Yes, many famous supermarkets (Lidl) provide avocado in a grid of 400 gr without any additional filling material. According to Die Zeit, the network should now contain 1 avocado. However, there are four.

So, yoga is a very good way

So, yoga is a very good way to be faster for non-smokers. In 2012, researchers from the women’s health magazine wrote that smoking is the most common cause of death among American women and that smoking should be desirable.

Aerobic sports have proven to be very useful for quitting because they can demonstrate emotional mood and reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms. However, yoga, in addition to Tai Chi, can help stop smoking as another type of non-aerobic movement.

55 women were named for an interview and divided into two groups. One group received a general health and wellness program, while the other group practiced yoga twice a week for 8 weeks. At the end of the two months, there was a number of non-smokers in the yoga group more than the control group.

Two years later, the following yoga study was published, this time in the Journal of Smoking Cessation. In this study, of the 31 male smokers, some of whom have smoked for more than 30 years, 29% have become non-smokers when practicing yoga exercises regularly.

10. Meditation – Become a non-smoker
A study conducted in the 1990s found that Transcendental Meditation is a very good way to quit smoking. More than 1,000 smokers received a booklet on Transcendental Meditation in this study. 226 of them learned this form of meditation, and the rest did not.

Two years later, half of those who constantly looked at non-smokers and 30% had significantly reduced the number of cigarettes. Those who only waited sometimes were also successful. 20 percent were non-smokers, 34 percent smoked less than before. In the control group, in the group where no one was contemplating, 20% stopped smoking and 12% smoked less.

Therefore, the success of regular Transcendental magnum trt Meditation is convincing, especially because meditation, of course, not only helps to stop smoking, but also to a greater sense of self, which is reflected in better health and spiritual development. .

Also in the 1990s, a review was conducted, which reviewed 19 studies, which had the effect of Transcendental Meditation to stop smoking (but also on the withdrawal of alcohol and other drugs).

The researchers concluded in their conclusion: “Transcendental Meditation significantly reflects the physiological and psychological factors that lead to drug abuse compared to other forms of meditation and relaxation, and has reduced transcendental meditation in both the” ordinary “and clearly addicted population. to the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and illicit drugs “. .

Detoxification of tobacco toxins
Then, when you go through the first days of not smoking, your body begins to detoxify. Trying to fill all the tobacco poisons stored over the years by the tissue and transform them. These toxins can contribute to discomfort such as headache, diarrhea, fatigue, irritability or depressed mood.

The symptoms described should be considered positive (toxin that leaves the body now) and not an opportunity to regain the cigarette. Therefore, it is advisable to support the body properly during the detoxification process to accelerate drainage and thus shorten the period of discomfort.

Example 1: Vitamin C

Example 1: Vitamin C
If someone takes more than 225 mg of vitamin C in the form of a dietary supplement (for example, 2 grams of acerola cherry powder), this amount is already considered an overdose. However, with a normal diet of many fruits and vegetables, humans can easily obtain 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. Given that only the minimum population is practicing a diet of this type, while many people suffer from a latent vitamin C deficiency, the 225 mg restriction is a bad joke, in addition to the daily requirement index with 95 to 110 mg of vitamin C .

Now, of course, the warning can only refer to synthetic forms of vitamin C, that is, pure ascorbic acid, but not to whole-grain vitamin C supplements such as aceriola powder. If so, it will not be mentioned. Instead, everyone prefers comprehensive warnings.

Example 2: Vitamin B12
Here dietary supplements are limited to 3 to 9 micrograms. However, people with B12 deficiency will find it difficult to treat them with minimal amounts. On the other hand, high doses of 1000 μg and more improve absorption  Trialix through the so-called negative absorption mechanisms, which greatly increases the probability of providing the vitamin well.

If you follow the formal recommendations, you will not leave your lack and, sooner or later, you will be exposed to the serious consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency.

To see a third example, vitamin D, you will find interesting information here: Vitamin D: incorrect calculation

Medications can also be contaminated.
For example, in the presence of bacteria and flies, manufacturers produced multimillion-dollar drugs that should have been produced in sterile rooms, as described in 2014.

In 2008, 19 people in the United States died from blood solvents that contain heparin (heparin). Hundreds of other patients suffered shortness of breath, nausea and a significant loss of blood pressure after describing these treatments. Less than a decade later, there was another scan related to heparin in the spring of 2017: this time the drug did not have any sudden effects and, of course, this could threaten the lives of many patients. Extensibility and fraud were the theme this time.

Too much protein can cause hair loss.

Too much protein can cause hair loss.
Although meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products are a small protein crop, they are heavier in our bodies than their herbal counterparts.

All animal proteins are metabolized bitter, so that excess body can acidify. Our devices can not process or dissipate many proteins. Therefore, the excess of animal protein also emphasizes the exit devices like the kidneys or the liver.

The consequences of this unilateral diet are the deposition of acid acid in the connective tissue, which can lead to various health conditions and also to hair loss.

In addition, a one-sided diet includes proteins that store Keto Blast minerals in the body to counteract excess acidity.

Increase in saturated fatty acids, which are also found in animal protein sources (especially in red meat), in addition to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

So, if you eat animal proteins, you should not do too much, and put in organic farming or wild game. This strengthens the hair and protects the body from the harmful additives associated with traditional products (such as antibiotics or hormones).

You can also eat protein very well with vegetable protein sources, so you do not need any animal protein to prevent hair loss.

Vegetable proteins for the hair.
The Institute of Biochemistry and Nutrition of the University of Hohenheim confirms that the supply of proteins is also possible at the plant level. An ideal combination of high quality vegetable protein (such as quinoa and beans) is important.

Grains, legumes, nuts and seeds are excellent natural protein donors. But alkaline leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, cabbage, savoy cabbage, as well as wild plants, herbs and mushrooms can not be underestimated as a source of protein.

In contrast to animal protein sources, herbal proteins provide the body with valuable fibers and antioxidants.

Instead of questionable amounts of cholesterol, especially nuts with healthy plant fats. But beware! Nuts, grains and legumes are metabolized acidically.

To avoid excessive acidification of the body, these sources of protein proteins should be consumed in large quantities with alkaline foods, at best.

9 examples of human madness


Many things are natural for us today, remembering to look more closely at madness. Or how can you call when someone complains about being overweight while eating chocolate, pizza and cakes day after day? Tevida What do you call a person who never stops, but complains of a lot of stress? As someone who always seeks his luck in material things, when everyone knows today that happiness always comes from within.


Madness – official definition

According to the Psychological Book (DSM-V), which explains all kinds of human madness, madness is a type of illusion as far as a person is Tevida CANADA concerned. So he has wrong ideas but can not be changed from reality. He is committed to these beliefs, although the opposite is clear, and these false beliefs are causing stress and discomfort.


9 examples of human madness

If you observe the behavior of most people today with this definition in mind, you will inevitably come to the conclusion that we have all surrendered in one way or another to madness.


Simple cleaning – Colon cleansing.

  1. You are fat and you do not have energy. However, you stick to your diet, which makes you obese and energy-free.

Then, every day, you do something that threatens your life and your health with clarity and makes you feel miserable. However, do not stop it.






Five dietary supplements needed in the winter

If you eat healthily, you should also worry about supplements in the winter. But even in this case, in most cases, you need a vitamin, which should, at least in winter, take a dietary supplement. However, if diet is not always Trialix useful, it is recommended to use at least four dietary supplements or other nutritional groups, which should be taken with high quality supplements and comprehensive dietary supplements.


On winter pills instead of vegetables?

A healthy and healthy diet of fresh ingredients Trialix CANADA and local favorites already provides many nutrients and nutrients.


However, many people do not want to worry about a perfect diet every day, especially in the winter, when the cold makes you want sweet and plentiful. Others do not like vegetables or think they do not have time to prepare them.


In these cases, dietary supplements are, in fact, an important complement to the daily diet.


But there are also vitamins that everyone should consume in the winter with dietary supplements, whether they eat well or not, because they simply can not meet the needs of these nutrients in the diet.








Soy – The Truth

Soy – The Truth
There are many articles on the Internet that suggest they are telling the truth about soy. It is not always easy to identify someone who reports with the truth. We observe the soy from all sides and verify all the arguments that correspond to the rolling soybean. Because soy is more than a controversial food. However, it has been repeatedly shown that even experts who advise against soy do not seem well informed, because, in fact, soy products are foods with valuable health properties.

All or half truth about soy?
Soybeans act as raw material for many products. The majority of soybean crops are used for soybean oil and animal feed. Only a small portion is processed into foods, such as tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy yogurt, soy sauce and many more.

Therefore, soy is a versatile food, because the basic flavor is very neutral and, therefore, can be converted into the group of products with the help of spices and other ingredients or with the help of special preparation methods ( for example, fermentation).

Apart from that, soy is very rich in proteins and vital substances, so it is an interesting food that can significantly promote a healthy diet. Not Keto blast all people agree with this opinion. On the contrary, soy and its products are fought in many places, as if they were liphagen. The truth is that soy products are very unhealthy, even explicitly toxic. That this is not even half the truth, we show in this article.

We have explained in detail the corresponding arguments of the soybean exhibitions in detail in our main article on soy. You can find them here: Soy – Healthy or Harmful. Below is a short version of those who do not enjoy reading or have time to do so.

Soybeans provide high quality proteins.
Soy is a good source of protein. In addition, the amino acids methionine and cysteine ​​are found in sufficient amounts and approximately the same percentage in cow’s milk or in meat products. In addition, soy products provide a lysine-sensitive acid, which is present in grain products a little less, so grains and soybean complement each other very well.

Healthy soy, either fermented or non-fermented
Even soy products that are not overdue, unlike affirmations, are good digestion, good tolerances and provide valuable materials.

Tofu & Associates is not made of Gensoja
Soy products are not manufactured for human consumption by Gensoja. Organic soy products are made today from German or Austrian soybeans. No one who consumes soy products necessarily needs to communicate with genetic engineering, let alone encourage deforestation. On the other hand, consumers of meat, eggs and milk can not say that. Because the import of genetically modified soybeans abroad is used as a genetically modified corn, such as livestock feed in the cultivation of plants.