Wheat belly – abdominal fat

Wheat belly – abdominal fat through gluten gluten
Everyone knows the term “beer belly”, specifically wheat belly, but it can be much less conscious. Whether it’s the belly beer or the wheat belly, all that is said is fat in the abdomen (visceral fat), which accumulates around the organs of the abdominal cavity (for example, liver, kidney).

Unlike subcutaneous fat (subcutaneous fat), abdominal fat produces similar endocrine hormones, transmits pathogenic signals that causeĀ Keto Viante inflammation in adipose tissue and improves insulin resistance and manipulation of satiety. The signs of inflammation sent by fat in the stomach are the beginning of a vicious circle, due to their pregnancy to produce more body fat to link the potential pathogens in the fat cells and prevent them from entering the system.

Modern wheat, which is eventually used for many beers, contributes to this dangerous abdominal fat, because its glycemic index exceeds the chocolate bar. In this regard, Davies points to amylobactin, which causes high levels of blood sugar, as the main component of wheat starch.

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