Spinach is a natural appetite.

Spinach is a natural appetite.
Prosperity inhibitors are likely to thrive. Of course, they are not always very natural.

However, would you think that vegetables like natural spinach can serve as appetizers, as well as being a perfectly natural appetite?

Test it! Eat a daily natural snack called spinach, preferably before breakfast in the form of green juices.

Spinach limits the appetite in overweight
Researchers at the University of Lund sought a natural appetite to help facilitate the elimination and also to prevent cravings.

They divided 38 obese women, from 40 to 65 years of Prache cream age, into two groups. One group was given twelve weeks each morning before breakfast, a strawberry syrup with 5 grams of spinach extract, and other women received placebo.

During the study, women were expected to move more, as well as a standardized diet with three traditional meals a day. The appetizers were taboo.

The breakfast yoghurt was vanilla (150 g), fruit grain (45 g), a slice of white bread (40 g) with butter (1 teaspoon), cheese (20 g) Some milk and 200 ml of juice orange.

The breakfast was very high in carbohydrates and consisted of 60% carbohydrates, 28% fat and 12% protein.

In 15 minutes, the participants had to have breakfast.

For lunch, there was a pizza, and in the evening, participants could study salmon with potatoes.

Every three weeks, Professor Charlotte Erlinson-Albertsson and her colleagues examined the blood values ​​of the study participants. On the first and the 90th day, I also asked for their hunger to eat compulsively and the degree of saturation.

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