A cup of coffee consumes a

A cup of coffee consumes a quantity of water as a human in a full day
The website www.virtuelles-wasser.de indicates that 140 liters of coffee already exceed the average daily consumption of drinking water by 125 liters per person. Coffee in our climate is at least as unnecessary as avocados, if not more, because it is not food, but rather alarming and comes from the tropics, so the transport path is slow, so, from the point In view of the critics of the avocado, everything is not justified by the environment (see next section)).

If everyone ate 40 kilograms of avocados a year instead of 40 kilograms of pork, that would theoretically equal to save up to 150,000 liters per person per year.

But nutritionally, it is illogical to compare the water consumption per kilogram. Because after two avocados (400 grams) you almost feel full. After two large tomatoes or lettuce instead of no. Maybe I should compare the water consumption per kilocalorie. But things look very different. So tomatoes need 50 percent more water than avocados.

Long transport routes: there is nothing special in the food trade.
Later, the avocado is accused of a long transport Overnight Lean Keto route, which must be covered until it is finally on the shelf of the store. First with the truck to the coast, then with an air-conditioned boat consuming energy to a European port and from there to wholesalers and retailers. Because they do not tolerate shocks, avocados need a lot of packaging material, which further reduces their environmental balance.

All these points apply to all foods that are transported from the tropics to Europe. In bananas, the voltage appears in each case much higher, but nobody cares, because you probably used too many bananas.

A recent look at the supermarket, whether organic or traditional, (in September 2018) shows that avocados are generally not packed in small cardboard boxes. The boxes are not as padded with plastic inserts. Yes, many famous supermarkets (Lidl) provide avocado in a grid of 400 gr without any additional filling material. According to Die Zeit, the network should now contain 1 avocado. However, there are four.

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