Example 1: Vitamin C

Example 1: Vitamin C
If someone takes more than 225 mg of vitamin C in the form of a dietary supplement (for example, 2 grams of acerola cherry powder), this amount is already considered an overdose. However, with a normal diet of many fruits and vegetables, humans can easily obtain 500 to 1000 mg of vitamin C per day. Given that only the minimum population is practicing a diet of this type, while many people suffer from a latent vitamin C deficiency, the 225 mg restriction is a bad joke, in addition to the daily requirement index with 95 to 110 mg of vitamin C .

Now, of course, the warning can only refer to synthetic forms of vitamin C, that is, pure ascorbic acid, but not to whole-grain vitamin C supplements such as aceriola powder. If so, it will not be mentioned. Instead, everyone prefers comprehensive warnings.

Example 2: Vitamin B12
Here dietary supplements are limited to 3 to 9 micrograms. However, people with B12 deficiency will find it difficult to treat them with minimal amounts. On the other hand, high doses of 1000 μg and more improve absorption  Trialix through the so-called negative absorption mechanisms, which greatly increases the probability of providing the vitamin well.

If you follow the formal recommendations, you will not leave your lack and, sooner or later, you will be exposed to the serious consequences of vitamin B12 deficiency.

To see a third example, vitamin D, you will find interesting information here: Vitamin D: incorrect calculation

Medications can also be contaminated.
For example, in the presence of bacteria and flies, manufacturers produced multimillion-dollar drugs that should have been produced in sterile rooms, as described in 2014.

In 2008, 19 people in the United States died from blood solvents that contain heparin (heparin). Hundreds of other patients suffered shortness of breath, nausea and a significant loss of blood pressure after describing these treatments. Less than a decade later, there was another scan related to heparin in the spring of 2017: this time the drug did not have any sudden effects and, of course, this could threaten the lives of many patients. Extensibility and fraud were the theme this time.

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