9 examples of human madness


Many things are natural for us today, remembering to look more closely at madness. Or how can you call when someone complains about being overweight while eating chocolate, pizza and cakes day after day? Tevida What do you call a person who never stops, but complains of a lot of stress? As someone who always seeks his luck in material things, when everyone knows today that happiness always comes from within.


Madness – official definition

According to the Psychological Book (DSM-V), which explains all kinds of human madness, madness is a type of illusion as far as a person is Tevida CANADA concerned. So he has wrong ideas but can not be changed from reality. He is committed to these beliefs, although the opposite is clear, and these false beliefs are causing stress and discomfort.


9 examples of human madness

If you observe the behavior of most people today with this definition in mind, you will inevitably come to the conclusion that we have all surrendered in one way or another to madness.


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  1. You are fat and you do not have energy. However, you stick to your diet, which makes you obese and energy-free.

Then, every day, you do something that threatens your life and your health with clarity and makes you feel miserable. However, do not stop it.






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