Beautiful skin – but without soap

Beautiful skin – but without soap
The beauty of the skin is a priority for many people because the condition of the skin reveals a lot about the health of the person and, therefore, the beautiful skin is naturally attractive. Since health is also externally exposed, skin problems can affect the person’s self-image, hence the phrase “I feel good in your skin”.

Natural soap contains high quality ingredients.
Natural soap usually contains no preservatives, flavors or artificial colors, but contains high quality natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil or palm oil.

Often herbs, flowers or essential oils are added. In general, natural soap is useful both for the hands and for the body and does not dry the skin.

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You can not expel them completely, but their appearance actually facilitates. Wrinkles occur inevitably as we get older. One more, the other (fortunate!) Less. This natural aging process is inevitable. But we can effectively limit its severity and symptoms.

Why do wrinkles arise?
Whether fine lines on the surface or deep grooves are not welcome. The most affected areas of wrinkles are sensitive skin near the eyes, Trialix Canada lips and neck. When collagen and elastin weaken in the connective tissue of our skin, or when their concentration decreases, wrinkles may appear.

The affected skin looks thinner and loses its fat, flexibility and flexibility. In addition, gravitas play a role because they extract flaccid tissues. The development of wrinkles can be improved by the following factors:

Causes of wrinkles
Dryness or lack of moisture.
Excessive stay outdoors.
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The tendency to develop hereditary wrinkles can also be
Injuries or cutaneous processes.
Acne and other dermatological diseases that tend to heal.
Smoking is the driving force behind aging and cigarette smoke is one of the main causes of early wrinkles
Pollution as air pollution, dust, chemicals and bright light.
Frequent muscle movements or movements such as dark eyes, smile or frown
Drugs abuse
Stress and anxiety
Weight loss, since it significantly reduces the size of fat cells.
Lack of vitamin E can lead to deterioration of skin quality

Anti-wrinkle creams – But of course!
Anti-wrinkle treatments and creams often contain harmful toxins such as parabens, paraffins, petrolatums, synthetic dyes, sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic perfumes, chemical emulsifiers and many more, so they should be avoided better. The skin is thin and has a small outlet. Everything that is applied to the skin can quickly penetrate the bloodstream and irritate a variety of bodily functions.

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