Liver and kidney problems through a report.

Liver and kidney problems through a report.
From the previous work it is known that the news, when taken on contaminated drinking water, brings with it kidney failure and reproductive problems.

In this study by Mesnage et al. But these imbalances were already evident when taking significantly lower doses, at doses that humans could also contact consuming foods contaminated with glyphosate. He also discovered genetic changes in the liver cells.

Such a change in gene expression can contribute to all kinds of problems in the future. This can lead to obesity and diabetes to some cancers. ”
Dr. Antonio explained.

Distortions by characteristic?
If the report can change gene expression even at Gethealthyfreedom very low doses, it can be expected to do so even during fetal development. What consequences can this have? Can it lead to neonatal deformities?

More recently, the Daily Mail published a report on mutations of exotic animals in Argentina. The animals were born with eight legs and not a fur or two arches, but unconsciously. Argentina is the most important user of Roundup magazine around the world.

These mutations have quadrupled since Argentina significantly increased soy production. However, the cultivation of GMO is always integrated with a test report. Yes, Gensoja is only soy Geno because the plant has been genetically designed to handle a large number of rounds. Farmers and local media now blame the use of herbicides on deformities.

To learn more about Roundup or glyphosate, read:

Glyphosate carcinogen

In Wheat: Gluten is not the only problem.

To show:
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Nicotine: the creator of the disease.

Nicotine is the substance in tobacco and the liquids that make you addicted. In addition, it is known that nicotine can exacerbate existing cancer and contribute to back cancer that has already been paid. In a study conducted in the summer of 2016, Swedish researchers discovered that nicotine also promotes the development of chronic inflammation. But chronic inflammation is the harbinger of many diseases: cancer is always linked to chronic inflammatory processes.

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